RSA SecurID Notes

UDP Packet Creation Error:

At $REALJOB we have a few RSA SecurID Appliances (model 130) and I am trying to configure Mac OS X Server 10.6.2 to authenticate VPN clients against SecurID. I have followed the directions provided by RSA here:

In the RSA Security Console Authentication monitor I see the authentication method succeeds but then I get the following error:

Activity Key Description Reason User ID
Authentication packet processing Processing authentication packet from agent "osx01.domain.local" with IP address "" in security domain "SystemDomain" UDP Packet creation error SYSTEM
Principal authentication User "me" attempted to authenticate using authenticator "SecurID_Native". The user belongs to security domain "SystemDomain" Authentication method success me

I have opened a ticket with RSA to see what they have to say. So far they keep focusing on the client instead of what seems to be a server problem to me.

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