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My Recommended Guide to Installing and Setting up FreeBSD

  1. Download a copy of the latest release from
  2. Burn the ISO to a blank CD.
  3. Boot off the CD to start the FreeBSD installer.
  4. Choose the (A)uto layout for the partions. Unless you are installing a server, then you will want to make /var at least a GB, maybe more. Since MySQL and your mail queue both live there, not to mention your logs, it can't hurt to make it a few GB.
  5. Choose not to install the ports collection, we will fetch the latest version once the system is up.
  6. Choose to install the developer package so you get all the source of the system there.
  7. Complete the install configuring your network adapter as needed.
  8. Your system should reboot and once FreeBSD has come up you should login as root for the rest of these commands.
  9. Once once you are logged in it is easy to upgrade your system to the latest patchlevel. Run `freebsd-update fetch; freebsd-update install'. Once that is complete, reboot the system to make sure you are running the latest.
  10. Fetch the latest ports tree with: `portsnap fetch extract'.
  11. After that, install portmaster(1) by doing: `cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portmaster; make install'. Once portupgrade is installed you will have access to portinstall and that will help you install lots of applications easily.
  12. Then cd to `/usr/local/etc/' and cp `portmaster.rc.sample' to `portmaster.rc'.
  13. Open it in and editor and uncomment the `-d' option and the `--delete-build-only' options.
  14. Then install portaudit with: `portmaster port-mgmt/portaudit'.
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