Samhain/Beltane Notes

I think the documentation on Samhain's website is very poor so I decided to write up some of my notes. I'm running Samhain 2.4.1 with a server and some clients.


  1. Run the server in foreground mode so you can see the errors it is throwing like this: `yule --foreground'
  2. Make sure the hostname, forward DNS and reverse DNS all match up to what is in the yulerc of the server.

Beltane 2

I'm running Beltane 2.3.8
  1. My configure line looks like this:
    ./configure --with-php-dir=/usr/local/beltane/php --with-php-extension=php --enable-mod-php --with-user=www --with-user-home=/usr/local/beltane
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